Bonus Pool

Give DeKalb County offers a bonus pool of money raised to boost donations made on May 7, 2020. There are multiple benefits of the bonus pool, most importantly:

  1. The entire bonus pool is distributed to participating nonprofits, providing valuable unrestricted funding.
  2. The bonus pool encourages more donations from donors because they know their gifts are boosted on May 7!


Q. How is the bonus pool distributed?

The bonus pool will be awarded to all participating nonprofits based on the percentage of the overall total they raise on May 7. For example: If a nonprofit raises 2% of our giving day total, they will receive 2% of the bonus pool…if they raise 5% of the grand total, they get 5% of the bonus pool.

Q. Who has given to the bonus pool?

Give DeKalb County Community Partners have contributed to the bonus pool. Their logos and names can be found on our homepage.

Q. Who is allowed to give to the bonus pool?

Anyone can donate to the bonus pool. Businesses, foundations, and individuals have all made generous contributions to the bonus pool as a way to give broadly to ALL the nonprofits participating in Give DeKalb County.

Q. How can I contribute to the bonus pool?

Contact Ben Bingle ( or 815-748-5383) to make a donation to the bonus pool.

Q. How do you promote Community Partners?

We appreciate the philanthropic leadership of our Community Partners and believe they should be recognized for their generosity. When possible, logos and names of Community Partners are featured in the following ways:

  • Logo added to the Give DeKalb County website
  • Social media mentions (Give DeKalb County and participating nonprofit social media channels)
  • Print media mentions and e-blasts through local Chambers of Commerce
  • Mention in DCNP and local nonprofits’ newsletters
  • News release to local newspapers and media

Q. How does the bonus pool impact donations?

Research shows that the presence of a match or bonus generates additional gifts during giving days compared to those events without any incentives.